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Lush Tunney Hunsaker BridgeTunney Hunsaker BridgeTunney Hunsaker Bridge, New River Gorge, WV

The only word needed to describe the New River Gorge in spring is lush. New River Gorge photography doesn't need much help because the green is so saturated it's practically dripping off the trees. This photo was taken at the Tunney Hunsaker bridge that crosses the New River in the New River Gorge National River area. You can drive across this bridge to access world class whitewater rafting and other incredible recreation.

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Mothers Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mommas out there. One of the best parts of my job is capturing special moments between mum and bub. There is a magic that exists that needs no prompting, posing or coaching to make touching images. My cheeks are always sore from smiling after a family session like this. Moms of the world, THANK YOU for all you do!

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Rangers on Volcan Masaya Certain images invite you in to contemplate the subjects' world. This is one that causes many to pause and question. Who are these silhouettes? What is captivating them? I love to hear guesses from my viewers as to where this shot was taken. No one guesses Nicaragua! I captured these two rangers taking a break to soak in their domain while hiking on Volcan Masaya in Nicaragua. I noticed them in their element and was struck by their simple moment, unplugged from the world and just enjoying it. I circled around them to compose my shot, completely unnoticed. This remains one of my favorites from this adventure. CowboysCowboys

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Last Light on the Farm

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Arts Business Institute in D.C. and to walk the American Made Show with several other Tamarack: The Best of West Virginia juried artists. It was a weekend spent honing in on our retail/wholesale strategies. If you are an artist that sells your work retail/wholesale I highly recommend these classes. 

One of my favorite parts of the trip was the drive through Virginia. I went to college in the Blue Ridge Mountains and so anytime I pass through these days I am overwhelmed with nostalgia of farms, country roads and mountains. Somewhere near Front Royal I was compelled to exit the highway and seek out a photo op. I often just drive on a whim. At last light I found my perfect frame. The clouds were moving quickly across the sky and the stars were starting to peak out. The bare trees and farm fence sealed the deal. This image was originally in color showing sunset hues, however I felt like the b&w was more appropriate. 

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Frozen yet beautiful Frozen Laurel CreekFrozen Laurel CreekFrozen Laurel Creek, New River Gorge, WV

Many tourists only venture to West Virginia for vacation in the summer. There is good reason to come in the heat and enjoy the state's many natural water sources. However, many of us year-round dwellers can attest to the fact that WV is stunning in the winter. When the leaves drop there is incredible visibility in the New River Gorge, providing many photography opportunities. The freezing temps also create magical ice formations all around that you can only see to believe. 

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Sweets Falls Engagement

What a treat to photograph a surprise engagement at one of the sweetest places on the Upper Gauley River, "Sweets Falls"! Congratulations to Drew and Shellie on your Gauley River engagement! 

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West Virginia State Fair  

There are many great opportunities for photography in Southern West Virginia, one of the greatest being the West Virginia State Fair. My husband and I went down to the fair grounds and enjoyed one of the most precious things of summer; a perfect, cool, crisp, breezy and sunny day in August. My intentions were to stick around and work on some long exposure night photography. I wanted implied motion of all the rides. That would have been great.

It's great to have intentions, but even better to be flexible. I found so many fun things in the daylight to photograph that I hadn't anticipated. We walked everywhere, caught the raptor show and pig races. When darkness finally fell we were too exhausted to go back to the car for the tripod.

Maybe next year! 

View and purchase photos here:

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Virginia Lightning Not long ago my husband Dave and I were driving across Virginia on 64, heading back home to West Virginia. We had a late start heading back and were not feeling terribly thrilled about a night ride. Driving across Virginia is one of my favorite things in the world, so I never want to miss seeing the gorgeous rolling hills, farms and country side. My prejudice for night driving was joyfully proven wrong by one of the most spectacular lighting shows I have ever witnessed. I drove about 10 miles before I could exit the highway and took an additional couple miles to find a suitable spot. I didn't have my deluxe tripod, but I did have my gorillapod. I rigged it to the side of my window the best I could and set my focus to infinity, closed down the aperture and let the shutter open for long pauses. I hope you enjoy a few of the photos I was able to capture.  Although, they could never do the storm justice!  Photos for purchase here:

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Whipple Car Show  

I had the pleasure of photographing the Whipple, West Virginia Car Show on  Memorial weekend. Cars are not something I typically photograph, however, I think that will change. Vehicles offer an endless supply of creative shooting options. There are rich colors, stunning reflections and thousands of different details from car to car. The appeal is not only in the cars, it’s also in the friendly and interesting people who display their vehicles and visit. The Whipple Company Store is fantastic for a car show. The history of Whipple is a perfect backdrop for beautiful antique and classic cars. Personally the classic trucks are my favorite. I may have fallen in love, I may need one.

I hope you enjoy my photographs from the Whipple Car Show. Contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions.  

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Big Art In A Small Town - Fayetteville Arts Coalition  

Several weeks ago I was invited to become a part of the Fayetteville Arts Coalition in Fayetteville, WV. Saying that I was thrilled is a major understatement. I am so honored and excited to be a part of this new and growing art community. The Fayetteville Arts Coalition was started in 2011 by multitalented artist Shea Wells. She wanted to bring a stronger art presence to Fayetteville and surrounding communities. She realized that there were many artists in the area but no major representation of them. Fortunately Shea is a motivated individual and so her vision turned into action with a mission to “create a sustainable arts community that supports local artists, creates art awareness and fosters artistic growth and education”.

Friday May 3rd was the second annual “Big Art in a Small Town” art show at the F.A.C. Ginger Danz and Shea Wells headed the event putting in many volunteer hours to make it such a success. It was a fantastic evening with food donated by Secret Sandwich Society and live music by Andrew Adkins and Melissa Bright. There were over 15-featured artists with mediums ranging from photography, woodworking, collage, painting, jewelry, fiber and more. And yes, Molly Wolff Photography was also featured.

Fayetteville Arts Coalition - Molly Wolff Photography

The Fayetteville Arts Coalition operates in a co-op format. The organization is non-profit and artists volunteer a little time each month to keep the doors open. Donations and money raised by events goes to great causes such as the latest outdoor mural that is visible as you drive into downtown Fayetteville. Supporting the Fayetteville Arts Coalition helps keep artists and their work accessible to the community.


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